The dark history of Tsar is known the world over. It is spoken of, still, every day— the city which warred upon and conquered the surrounding region under a foul reign of evil. It took an ancient alliance of good peoples and powerful magic to do the impossible and defeat this shadow once and for all, but, in doing so, the surrounding region— now known as the Desolation— became magically warded against any and all passage across its borders. And so, for the past 100 years, the dead (or sleeping?) darkness has been imprisoned beyond the wards; likewise, no living soul has been able venture in. No one knows what is on the other side, beyond the whispered rumors.

Sterngate is a city with hundreds of leagues of wilderness separating it from the southern edges of the Desolation. Yet even this city lives in fear of dread Tsar— for the wilderness which stretches northward from Sterngate is dotted with the ruins of the kingdom to which it once paid fealty. Sutholme was one of the last of the Free Lands to fall before the armies of Tsar, and Sterngate holds the honor of being the gathering point from which the Army of Light launched its counterattack.

But this year marks the 100-year anniversary of the war, when the spell ends and the barrier is broken. Already, adventurers, scavengers, and ne’er-do-wells gather at the Camp, a starting point from which they plan to venture out into the wastes. Will they find fame, fortune, and eternal glory? Or only death in the deadly wastes and dim depths of slumbering Tsar?

Slumbering Tsar: Centennial Approaches